Ethereal Delirium

by The Manifestivus

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released August 8, 2012



all rights reserved


The Manifestivus Richmond, Virginia

The Manifestivus materialized out of thin air.

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Track Name: Astonishment
i stare at the sun. i gawk at the trees. i'm baffled at what has created me. i've got two hands. i've got two feet. I've got some fingers that allow me to pluck these strings. i've got two eyes. oh lord i can see. i've got a mind that allows me to perceive anything the way i want it to be. ugly. pretty. or in between. and oh the awesome things. i find myself constantly gazing. i'm gonna change with the leaves. oh i met a girl. she makes my head spin. she fills me up with all kinds of emotions. they're running through me. chemicals through my bloodstream. oh my mind surrenders to their unstoppable motion. because they sweep me away. they take hold my face. oh my inner being is completely on display. and i am amazed and the complexity of simplicity. and oh the awesome things that are constantly astonishing me. what a wonderful thing. oh simply to be.
oh i clasp my hands. oh i close my eyes. i send my gratitude from my chest to the sky. how luck am i? to think to contrive. to manifest anything that i see in my mind. to be does imply the breath i'm breathing in and out in and out is divine and my flesh and blood are frolicking in space and time. space time. time and space. blow my mind. WHERE AM I? WHERE AM I?
Track Name: My Thoughts And Their Spores
oh i've done it again. extended my head through the wrong soul again. now i sit here in silence as my conscience slowly sifts through my shag rugged carpet. …what an artist. and it floats through the strands. explores the thick and the thin. the texture, the height, and the width. and every little, twiney twist lay in shambles over microscopic animals that reside within. reside within. and oh i've done it again. extended my head through the wrong realm again. now i sit here and debate the little spaces between the fingers on both of my hands. which i can't comprehend. so i onward observe with my imaginary eyes, which appears to be my mind. and eventually i abandon my body and the surface around me to explore the space between my thoughts and their spores. and oh what do i see. i've lost touch with my creative reality. my thoughts spore from t.v and movies and the money is making me greedy. OH SET ME FREE! OH SET ME FREE!
Track Name: My Friends Are Stones
and i would cary all my friends across a burning desert island with a knife in my back while i was under attack. and i'd pull them all against the tide with broken arms while fishes eat my eyes. it's not so bad considering what is attached. yeah my friends help me make bad decisions, but together we come out exquisite. like rays of sun. we penetrate the night and interrupt. like candle wax dripping down a front. and my friends make me smile so big that my cheekbones brush my eyelids and trigger some tickle in my brain that calms me down and alleviates. or picks me up and takes me to the highest high my mind could possibly provide without our other friend, intoxicant. and my friends are stones more valuable than gold. worth more than all you own and brighter than that glow coming off your soul. and we all know. WE'RE GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD.
Track Name: Magical World
"wake up! wake up!" --- "shut up! i know i'm getting burned!" --- "it's your resistance that hurts…how many times must you try finding comfort outside your fleshy skin when you know it's all within?" --- "i know and i'm trying, but her skin looked appetizing and her curves were so inviting so my mind was left deciding between the right and the wrong, the intuition and the fog. oh what a game. what a girl. physical plane. magical world." --- "come to! come to! we've been guiding you!" --- "yes i see! at least i think… all the invisible things." --- "so why do you hide?" --- "i don't i chose my side! i made up my mind! oh i found the light!"
"wrap me up. keep me safe. show me love. show me grace. take me home. cleanse my soul. set me free. MAKE ME HEAVENLY."
Track Name: Future Earth
and i've got a place i go in my mind. where people get along. and do no wrong. and everyone's in love. there's meaning in the air and progress in the day. and we all laugh and play. soaking up the sun. humbled by it's power. giving life to all the animals flowers. and our skin. and we glow with the colors gratitude. and our hearts they sing in tune. and beet out the front of our chests. and we all follow them. they lead us to safety and love and happiness. and i've got a place i go in my mind. where the days are extra long. and we can all see god. IT was hiding everywhere. in the open air. which is clean and pristine. and when i breath it fills me with rich life and the awareness of a god. we are god's in our own right. manifest with our own minds. and we are naked and proud. dancing around. bare feet on the ground. we are humbled and we are small. into an endless pit of love, we fall. and i've got a place i go in my mind. it's sweeter than fruit fresh off the vines. and we don't need to strive to survive. there's abundance everywhere. flowers in her hair. and all of my friends can grow beards. and we grow 'em long. AND MANIFEST PURE LOVE, IN SONG.
Track Name: Dust And Gold
bring me back from the place i been at. been losing touch. i love myself to much to let a little bump destroy the road i chose to travel. i aint no fuckin' chump. i am the lump sum of everything i love. every obstacle i've been down, smothered, crushed. much like that chemical crutch, i often burn to keep me up, but enough is enough. can't let the shape of her face, though it's temptation's great, twist me up. calm me down. cool me out. i'm blessed the best, but i am a fuckin' wreck. i am the story told of that one kid who'd give his life to break his crooked mold. turn his soul from dust to gold. quit sitting around. live the life i wish i lived and always dreamt about since i was young. yeah just a sprout. now i'm broke down. but nothing can't be fixed. roll with it. and exemplify your find of what it means to be alive and live a life full of pride. full of shine. WOO! because time has never been on a side, but the safety and comfort of your patterns never lie. so break free of the patterns that pause your stride before the goals you set become the tears you wept. you're 23 and aint wrote that record yet. you're waiting for that crown to place itself atop your brilliant, flawless, human head. no time for regret. get your ass out of bed. go grab your pen. write another line instead. because you are a king. you are an infinite being. YOU ARE THE MANIFESTATION OF EVERYTHING YOU LOVE AND EVERYTHING YOU SING!
Track Name: Cosmically
i left the earth in a flash. as reality split in half. half the world's chasing solace. they were running from an apocalypse. the inevitable negative. but on my side all i see is these colors shine so brilliantly. and in my heart i feel at peace and i can feel the spirit in me. oh i knew the case when i saw the christ on the stage. and he sang to me that day. and it changed everything. and my past let go of the grip it held on my experience. and every moment revealed it's secrets. so happy not to keep it. and I AM, oh I AM weightless. I AM endless. I AM cosmic consciousness. I AM, I AM the hand of the man with a plan for the lands. oh I AM THAT I AM. and i've seen the spirit in all the ground i walk i on and every ounce of my flesh and blood. and when i breath that spirit is breathing through me, oh cosmically. and so it was that all the pain was just a catalyst for change. now that paradigm refrains to keep me from myself. my heart is swell enough to tell. I AM A GOD INSIDE MY SHELL. and i am infinitely well. WE ARE INFINITELY WELL.
Track Name: Source
i wanna know what it's like. to be alive. living free of the lie. that we find in our heads when we try. yeah, sometimes we try to beat the beast inside and chain him right back under the sun. where he started from. from the light you came. to the light you shall go. you'll find in darkness there's nothing to hold. you can't bight the hand that feeds. it'll bring you to your knees you silly devil. get all these entities up out of me. and i wanna know how it feels. when the secret's revealed. and the quiet societies fall. and most of us will never have known they were here. no never at all. and then i'm going to see how it looks when peace breaks free all across the earth and freedom break us from the curse. we're cursed. the curse that's in our mother's dirt. and we can take it back to the source for her. for whatever it's worth. and your worth is the key. we all sprout from the seed that sprang the seas. we are the children of divinity. all searching for peace. it's what you intend and believe that's going to make it. so believe in something rich and sweet. **i look around. i find myself. i cast away my fear and doubt. i feel the scene bleed into me. i am at one with everything. i am light. thou christ in me. set my mind forever free. i said i am light. i am light. I AM LIGHT, PENETRATE THE DARKNESS. COME FOR ME.
Track Name: Sink In The Mood
i sink in the mood. alone in my solitude. i sing what comes through. from god to me and me to you. if i get too caught up the spirit stops floating through my top. if i evaluate it all begins to dissipate. the colors outside my window get me all excited. the colors of my skin are earthy, but gold inside. if i envy the wind because it wraps around every single thing. then i envy the rhyme because it bring the harmony into my mind. but i'm just an organism. composed of trillions of them other organisms. all conscious with intention. i expose my soul to the essence of the great unknown. and it rides alone, besides 7 billion other souls. my limbs swing like vines. the beings breed and multiply. so i ditched the cultural and let it all be fucking spiritual. because i'm just and organism. composed of trillions of them other organisms. all conscious with intention. IT ALL INTERSECTS. THE HEAVENS AND THE INSECTS. THE SCIENCE AND THE SPIRIT.
Track Name: Chaos And The King
there's a man in my head who leads me astray from the path set out by my chest. and basically we fight all day until my weak body sleeps. and my spirit just leaps outward, upward, and moves beyond her and him. oh deception, deception is the father of them. oh god show me something to get me over this and i'll cleanse the whole world of the hell that we're living. there's a war waging high. in the depth of my eyes how i see the battle between the chaos and the king. the lost and the complete and how the love is here to sing and the fear is to deceive. and how the spirit rescued me in my time of need and showed me synchronicity in everything that i see. so i said "GOD WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF THIS TIME." and he replied. "RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!" …. and it can't be explained the things that i've seen in this life, or the last, and that's okay with me. i embrace the mystery. pay attention to my dreams. dissect reality. find the beauty in everything.
Track Name: Born Clean
and oh i was born clean. oh pristine. until my environment corrupted me and had me thinking i had "sinned" before i could even see. what the fuck does that mean? because I AM DEVINE IN MY BEING. i can feel it when i'm breathing. and oh how i see the illusions, but my imagination is brewing something to get me through it. oh i was born clean. all loving. until i felt the rage in daddy's scream. and add on top the indoctrination of beliefs. oh "praise jesus!"…well none of that FEELS right to me. i find god and the devil are the same fucking thing you see. and love will only win when we say so. either way, this is all just a show you know. so hey oh, enjoy the ride. we're drifting through time. the thought of floating in space is melting my brain! and i remember when i didn't know anything. and i remember when i didn't know anything. and i remember when i believed in coincidence. and i remember when you told me he was watching me. and I REMEMBER WHEN I REALIZED I WAS WATCHING HIM. YEAH I REALIZED I WAS WATCHING HIM.